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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 14, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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the u.s. military on high alert which could prompt a preemptive strike. >> the largest non-nuclear bomb dropped on a tunnel. >> a fire breaks out one of las vegas's hottest resorts. >> the tiny ice orbiting saturn could be a potential for life. >> good friday around the world as christians prepare to celebrate. >> good to be with you. happy friday. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm yasmin vossoughian. we're going to start now with the u.s. military on high alert and prepared to launch a preemptive strike against north korea. officials saying the strike
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would strike with conventional weapons if convinced north korea about to test a nuclear weapon. a possible test as early as this weekend with the anniversary of the nation's founder kim il-sung's birthday, the grandfather of the country's current leader. are what's the latest on this tense situation? >> reporter: good morning. north korea today is blaming the united states for heightened tension in the region, with that aircraft carrier strike group on the way as well as the threat to launch a preemptive strike. north korea's vice foreign minister says president trump's tweets were causing trouble and that if the u.s. were to launch a preemptive strike north korea would not quote keep its arms crossed. this at a time when there is a lot of speculation that kim
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jong-un may be preparing for a test. increased activity at the probable launch site, data from april 12th showing more activity around the north portal of the specific site as well as the appearance of equipment and personnel. this is coming also ahead of this important day on the north korean calendar, with day of the sun being marked tomorrow and in the past the regime has chosen to do so with tests or other provocations. so this is what is swirling a lot of anxiety in the region, china attempting to wade in to play a broker to try to have both sides of the equation stand down saying that in the end, talks or dialogue is the only way the tension is going to be resolved. >> thank you. more tensions internationally to afghanistan, the u.s. military dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat.
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it is a nearly 22,000 air bomb. its use is unprecedented. the target, isis fighters in tunnels in afghanistan. afghan officials tell the press the bomb killed at least 36 fighters. richard engel has more. >> reporter: the u.s. military pulled out the big guns in the fight against isis, 21,000 pound bomb, the largest nonnuclear bomb. the only use this 2003 test. the massive ordnance air blast is better known by its nickname, the mother of all bombs, it's stored in the cargo hold. a u.s. aircraft dropped tz one of these on an isis tunnel complex in eastern afghanistan. president trump suggested he didn't personally authorize the strike, left that to his commanders. >> we have given them total authorization.
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this was another very, very successful mission. >> reporter: the toll of the bomb physical and psychological. >> the shock value of this weapon is simply unbelievable. it feels like an earthquake 15 miles away. it will collapse underground subterranean caverns. >> reporter: the 15-year war has proven having the mightiest weapons doesn't guarantee victory. the u.s. still has more than 8,000 troops in afghanistan but extremist groups including isis remain strong. just this weekend an american soldier was killed there. >> military experts tell richard the bomb was about sending a message to frighten isis and perhaps north korea. overnight a fire at the bellagio in las vegas. they were able to put out the fire. before guests were injured or evacuated. crews are trying to determine a
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cause. americans top spli blasted wikileaks. mike pompeo his first speech since becoming cia director. >> time to call out wikileaks a nonstate hostile intelligence service. >> he went on to accuse the founder of making quote common cause with dictators. the strong condemnation breaks from president trump's past statements which praised wikileaks during the campaign. video shows the moment of a deadly toll booth crash in houston. we warn you that some viewers may find this disturbing. a white dodge lost control and slammed into a car pushing it into a truck stopped at the toll booth. sadly the driver of the smaller car diddrive. the durango driver taken to the hospital. the pickup driver was shaken but not irjudged. police say the driver showed no signs of impairment but
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witnesses said it was driving erratically. >> it is day 85 of the trump presidency. the president struck a major blow to planned parenthood. he signed a bill that allows states to with hold federal funds from planned parenthood and other groups that provide abortion services. it reverses a rule finalized before president obama left office. on thursday the trump administration released limited fixes for shaky health insurance markets including a shorter enrollment and curbs on special enrollments after insurers complain some were gaming the system. they won't guarantee stability in the marketplace. today is good friday, one of the holiest days of the world. in jerusalem pilgrims retraced the way of the cross the path believed that jesus took as he was led to be crucified. >> pope francis had a busy few days marking holy thursday washing and kissing the feet of inmates at a prison. >> at home catholic red sox fans
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won't enjoy a hot dog. the bishop is not allowing it for good friday. >> animals at a zoo in tampa got to feast on watermelons decorated like easter eggs. >> americans are expected to spend a record $18.4 billion on easter up 6% from last year. >> a few bucks for extra tooth paste with all of the treats. nasa's announcement about potential life in space. first, heavy downpours caused flooding in fresno. several cars were quickly submer submerged. >> i want to turn to bonnie schneider who is here with the easter weather -- easter weekend weather. >> we are looking at a lot of hazards in the state of florida, dealing with rip currents on the atlantic coast with winds from
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the northeast keeping things so dry the situation there with fires not a good thing. also today, as we go to tomorrow rather saturday, kansas city down through woodward looking at severe weather, 4 million at risk for strong thunderstorms. today's going to be a warm one as we lead into the holiday weekend. get ready for some hot weather. that's a look at the good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. we have a few clouds rolling through philadelphia this morning, but it is dry. a live view from the adventure aquarium looking across the delaware this morning. temperature now 51 in philadelphia. there are some cooler spots in south jersey, lehigh valley, and the suburbs. the neighborhood forecast at 4:30. here's a look at what we're working on for "nbc10 news today" -- >> first, an overnight scare for people at a lehigh valley hotel. a man is found dead in his room, and it leads to an evacuation. we'll hear from police on scene. chaos at a north philadelphia carnival. we'll show you the video that captures the moment two teenagers were jumped, and we'll
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tell you how police are now taking action. plus, the republican party is pulling support from a new jersey state assembly candidate after a vulgar video surfaces. we'll break down the controversy. weather and traffic and the news you need to know before you head out the door. tings a passenger. minutes old. ♪ a baby's skin is never more delicate. ♪ what do hospitals use to wash and protect it? ♪ johnson's® the number 1 choices in hospitals. but so we don't have tormin wad to get clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer...
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hershey's has the taste you love in every bite. bounty is more absorbent,mom" per roll so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper major discovery from nasa, the space agency says the moon's orbiting saturn and jupiter may have ingredients for life. the findings made by its unmanned spacecraft which has detected molecules in the geysers off the moon where liquid oceans exist. now that doesn't mean that we've found aliens, so don't go out saying that but the conditions might be just right for life beyond earth. leading the news police in atlanta arrested a man they say shot and killed a man injuring three others at a train station.
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it happened at the west lake marta station. police say the shooter began firing on a train hitting three and killing one. his family says he had no enemies. police are still investigating the motive but say it appears he was targeted. the three injured are expected to survive. two officers have been fired over white house fence jumping incident in march. the unidentified officers were guarding an area near the treasury. the secret service did not comment of the firings but said it will continue to take appropriate actions as the investigation continues. one way to get a rush at a park. 24 people had to be rescued after a roller coaster got stuck in maryland. firefighters had to remove passengers from the ride one by one using a cherry picker. fire officials say all of the passengers are okay.
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six flags say the cars stopped at a safe location after apparently losing momentum. at least it wasn't upside down or side ways. >> could you imagine if it was upside down. >> those people there. >> like something on line. it's going to be so fun. it's a nightmare. marvin gay's music is known to set the mood. one mom says there is a song that calms her crying baby. ♪ >> i love it. i love that it's that song. so the 1-year-old first heard the song in a commercial and completely loved it. now every time it's played she stops in her tracks and slow jams to the music. pouting and like here we go. let's get it on. >> time to get it on. hopefully that's not going to be the theme song when she is a
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in today's business quick hits instagram stores taken over in users. facebook says 200 million people
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use instagram stores. a milestone for facebook messenger has over 1.2 billion monthly users. >> jetblue is giving away 1,000 free flights to people who owe the irs as part of its give away. >> one of the largest automobile events, the new york auto show today, more than a million expected to pack the javits center. for the first time we're hearing about the extent of the injuries suffered by the united passenger. the video sparked outrage and a crisis for the airline. this morning we're hearing from his attorney and his daughter. tom costello has the details. >> reporter: dr. david dao dragged from the united flight on sunday is out of the hospital. >> my dad is healing right now. >> reporter: his daughter says his injuries are severe. >> we were horrified and shocked
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and sickened to learn what happened to him and to see what happened to him. >> reporter: his attorney said dr. dao suffered a concussion, broken nose, sinus injuries that require reconstructive surgery and lost two teeth in the incident. >> i have to go home. >> reporter: he has no memory of running back on board the plane bloodied after being dragged off. attorneys say they will sue united and the city. >> he is a 69-year-old man. is that really the way we want to treat the aged? >> reporter: united released a new statement reiterating apology saying this horrible situation has provided a harsh learning experience from which we will take immediate concrete action. pledging to reexam how it handles oversold flights and the incentives it offers passengers and saying it will no longer ask law enforcement to remove passengers from planes unless it's a matter of safety and security. the airport commissioner conceded those security guards
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employed by the city have been told in january to stop wearing jackets that say police but they continued wearing them anyway. >> i want to express our extreme regret for the actions of our officers. >> thanks to nbc's tom costello for that. to make matters worse a separate incident there was an incident here where a scorpion stung a man on a united flight to calgary. the creature apparently fell prom the overhead bin. the man's injuries are non life-threatening. the man was in business class eating his lunch. >> business. how could you do that to a business class flyer. just kidding. >> fell on his head and then stung him as he was eating. something that united i'm sure -- >> a shock like something, oh. all right. ahead jimmy kimmel bleeps and blurs the news with unnecessary censorship. ellen tries to stop the nugget boy from breaking her retweet record.
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we can't stay here! why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean! way ahead of you. charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger... ...and you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. time to bleep and blur the big tv moment whether they need it or not. this week in unnecessary censorship. >> what did you think when you saw that video of a man being dragged off of one of your planes? >> probably the word [ bleep ] comes to mind. >> not here without your friendship and support. [ bleep ] you all. >> is according to this flag november 4, 1980 ronald reagan was taking a [ bleep ] whenny he
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found out he was president of the u.s. >> a pair of presidents brought together. >> you know what's brilliant i realized all they are bleeping are the vowels. so they leave maybe a letter at the end and beginning. totally makes it hilarious. >> i could watch that over and over. ellen feeling the pressure as the kid seeking 18 million retweets of when these -- ellen has 3.3 million retweets. the nugget boy is at 2.8 million retweets, so here's how she's trying to stop him. >> this kid is on my heels carter stop it right now. you mess with the bull you get the horns. here's what i'm going to do. i challenge everyone who retweets carter's also rebeat the my selfie. here's what i'll do for you carter. if i can ride your coat tails to
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hotel evacuation. a scare for people at a lehigh valley hotel after a man was found dead in a room. cell phone video. the moment two teenagers were jumped and beaten outside a north philadelphia carnival. under fire. a candidate running for new jersey state assembly loses his party's backing after a crude video surfaces. we have made it to friday. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. meteorologist bill henley with the friday forecast. what's friday looking like? so far, so good. some clouds are moving in, but temperatures have been coming down in spite of the clouds. cloud cover tends to keep things warmer overnight. 40s in the suburbs.
4:29 am
lehigh valley down to 43, and 42 in new jersey. easton has clouds moving through. those clouds will break for some sunshine this morning. i think you'll see a lot more sunshine this afternoon today than you will this morning. and that goes for the suburbs, for philadelphia, south jersey, lehigh valley, and into delaware. we will get that sunshine and a warmup similar to yesterday. 67 degrees in philadelphia. in fact, the entire region heading into the 60s. it turns much warmer this weekend. we'll look at the weekend forecast when i come back in just a few minutes. first, let's see how the traffic's looking on a friday morning. jessica boyington? that's right, watching the schuylkill expressway to start. around the roosevelt boulevard, watch for ramp restrictions. that just means part of the left lane is blocked on the way up to the boulevard from the schuylkill on that westbound side. actually can't even really see any of it in the cameras. either way we can see both directions approaching the boulevard. no big delays on the schuylkill expressway, as well. here's route 202.
4:30 am
no major problems. ten minutes northbound, 11 southbound from the schuylkill to route 30. speeds into the 60s. and cherry hill, we look good. around route 70 and kings highway, both directions look okay. roads are dry. not a lot of cars at the door there. >> thanks. 4:30. we have this new from overnight. a scare at a hotel in lehigh valley. guests evacuate after a man was found dead in his room. >> katy zachry is live with more. >> reporter: as you see behind me, things have calmed down quite a bit up here. earlier, not long ago, this is how it looked. look at the video. it shows hazmat teams filling the parking lot here of the stay bridge suites on star road. the police chief who was on scene tells us they were called to the hotel where they found a man dead in his room, drugs were in the room. they also found one man lying in the hallway. based on that person in the hallway, they initially thought


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